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She's half Philipina and half Scottish, hence this rather beautiful exotic look. When she was 17, she had a rather nasty car accident, and according to her, she 'died' and was resuscitated -- when she had a snow mobile accident (She's from Minnesota) and hit a steel beam head first. That scar on her face is still somewhat evident. She has also used her looks to have guys take care of her; hence her McLaren car and such. So why is she shooting for FTV? Pretty much because she likes trying out new things, and not necessarily for the money. So the day begins with her in a really cute skirt and top, with heels -- and without a bra her 'side boob' really shows. Just a little bit of movement, and her nipples pop out. We start at a resort where there's a techie convetion going on, and the teasing begins right away at the restaurant, then right in the courtyard where there's hordes of people about. Because it was a male-dominated event, I was willing to risk it and try for some teasers. It definitely drew the attention of a lot of guys, some more daring than others, who would come up and comment. We even went to a concierge table that was empty, and had her tease there, that is until the employee showed up.Nina North wasn't about to let a run in her stockings ruin her day. When she noticed her wardrobe malfunction, Nina decided to make the most of it, and see if she couldn't seduce her handsome office-mate by changing into a fresh pair right there at her desk. Chad White had the shock of a lifetime when he spotted Nina with her skirt hiked above her waist, her plump ass hanging out, and realized she wasn't wearing any panties. Chad played right into Nina's hand, giving her his long, thick cock to play with and push to the back of her in her mouth. After Nina gave Chad a sloppy blowjob, he returned the favor and licked her pussy on the desk before slipping his cock into her to the hilt. 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То, что она может сделать, когда этот чувак делает ее так роговой она вряд ли может ждать, пока он срывает с нее одежду и ездит на большой инструмент ебать глубоко в ее киску ненасытной? Это темнокожий парень делает ее шприц и диплом снова и снова трахал ее мозги из каждого угла.Down her ThroatGirl celebrates her birthday with sexy lesbos
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Hello, my name is Ruby. I was born and raised in ATL GA, although both my parents came from over seas, so my ethnicity is Romanian, German, Hungarian, and last but not least Italian. Me growing up was not an everyday American childhood. Both parents are Pentecostal, which means no make up, no shaving legs, no belief in Halloween, always wearing skirts, etc. Normal right? Parents divorced and I stayed with my mom. I was such a nerd in high school, always in art or reading until I met my high school sweetheart when I was 16. Made a promise I wouldn't lose my virginity till I got married and told my boyfriend I am not going to break my promise but can still do second base haha. Long story short, he didn't want to wait and cheated then I founded out and didn't want to put up with that so I left. Moved back with mom and realized I can do so much better and went online to find something that people will love me for who I am. Then I came across web camming, although mom is very strict, I would have to go around about it. When mom and little sister and brother goes to school and work I would hop on cam 3 hours a day and was loving how people were treating me and told me how they were proud of me for keeping my virginity and taking care of my family. After a year of camming I decided I wanted to explore more, looking into adult porn, although I didn't want to lose my virginity. So I decided to do solo and lesbian porn and here I am doing my first porn shoot with FTV Girls and hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I have!!Summer Kisses featuring Teal Conrad by Herb KingIGB featuring Nikita & Sandy by Als PhotographerWatch FirstTimeAuditions scene Kissing Cross featuring Abby Cross Browse FREE pics of Abby Cross from the Kissing Cross porn video nowPresenting Shirley Tate featuring Shirley Tate by Albert VarinМелена: "Lepum" Лука ГелиосаPoolside Lounging featuring Priya Rai by Herb KingNaughty Betty reveals her delicious busty body and shaved pussyBowling League featuring Anastasia & Antonia Sainz by Als PhotographerThania featuring Pammie Lee by ArkisiЛесли начинает носить красивое платье леопарда печати с черным верхом. Она на заднем дворе. Вскоре Лесли удаления платье, и ее тело выглядит так хорошо. Большие круглые груди, приятно бритье, прекрасно загорелое тело все как на ладони.Dicata featuring Apolonia by ErroKendall Kayden and Kimmy Granger let their man watch them make out then invite him to join their threesome fuckfestBusty Blonde Ashlynn Takes a Cock and Loves itRounding Third featuring Austin Reines & Hailey Young by Als PhotographerБрачный Фильмы - видео с участием Stacie Jaxxx в Иннокентий НимфаPorrea featuring Hilary C by Karl SirmiLuna Lynn celebrates CamWithHers 9 Year AnniversaryNatural - Lovely Charlotta is spending a hot summer day in her garden ready to capture some erotic poses of her wonderful and naked body.
	Eroberlin Chanel солнечные скалы сексуально тощая ТенерифеМелодия является одним из тех супер-здоровых, увлеченных supercute девушек, которые в конечном итоге очаровательная всех на FTV. Она приносит положительную энергию съемки с улыбками, смеха и желания сексуально выразить себя. Танец крупных и балерина, она испытывает это как ее первого побега во взрослом бизнесе. Мы заметили ее на высококлассные моды торгового центра, носить очень плотный белый платье <каблуки, хвастаясь, что супер тонированное атлетические фигуры. Она мигает для нас, давая нам телок заглядывает, и через некоторое время выходит из всех в общественной наготы, прямо там, в открытой! Принимая ее одежду, мы заметили, как красиво ее фигура, и как гибкая она с тех высоких ударов ногами! Она заканчивается мастурбацией с ее пальцами, и имеет приятный естественный оргазм с видимыми вагинальных сжатий. Затем она дразнит нас еще немного, как она соединяется с йогой группы, демонстрируя, как весело она может быть. Вернувшись домой, она мастурбирует с игрушкой Eroscillator, и имеет очень сильный оргазм, что делает ее влагалище шаг, как сумасшедший! В тренажерном зале, она не стесняется мигать ее грудь <прикладом, и становится серьезным о демонстрируя свою пилатес. Позже той ночью, мы идем в кино, и она дразнит нас еще немного, пока люди смотрят ... На 2-й день, мы видим ее в красивый белый seethrough платье на курорте, ходить босиком. Она превращается в фут фетиш сцене, как она моет довольно ноги в фонтан. Поиск большой огурец Она наполняет его так глубоко, как это может пойти, и едет его ... потом она показывает свою благодать и танцевать позирует на красивой аркой то время как голый. На вызов, мы должны ее запустить голый на улице, наблюдая, что фирма тело двигаться! Время для анального игры, так как она занимает бисером игрушку и подталкивает его так глубоко, как это может пойти, и просмотр близко, как она перемещает его в и из ее прикладом. В реальной балерины, она принесла ее балетные туфли, и тянется / танцы для нас балетной музыки. Такая форма и красота в обнаженном виде! Грелась до с Vibraking, она затем дать нам экстремальные крупные планы ее мокрой влагалища (с половые губы растяжения), а затем едет монстра игрушку FTV, глубоко! Она даже делает шпагат на нем. Стучать кулаком себя жестко и быстро, мы видим, что она на самом деле наслаждаясь грубый секс с этим огромный фаллоимитатор! На 3-й день, мы наблюдаем ее растянуть постели, а затем дать себе грудь прикладом <массаж, с какой-то анального пальцами и более крупные планы ее довольно интимные части. Она пальцем мастурбирует на другой хороший природный оргазма в ванной комнате. Из в своем любимом бикини, она играет с ее губ, а затем использует ее supercute розовые пятки как игрушка, мастурбировать и проникая себя с обуви пятки (тогда хвастаться гибкость, сосать на цыпочки). Надевая стильный черном платье <каблуки, она дразнит нас с заглядывает, как она играет в шахматы (она знает, как!). За большой финал, она мастурбирует с Vibraking до двух брызгали оргазмы, а затем едет Монстр игрушку FTV глубже и сложнее жесткого стучать сессии. Эта девушка действительно удивительно камень для FTV, и наслаждаться этой приключенческой стрелять всех ее первых взрослых опытом время на камеру!Рузанна: "Представляя Рузанна" по ПаромовNew X-Art Girl Jill Kassidy is having a wonderfully sexy time as her boyfriend and she watch our site in their underwear. (I recommend it!) But this knockout brunette has another idea. Why not phone another wonderful X-Art model and invite her over for a viewing party? If it is jaw-dropping, gorgeous Naomi Woods, you can bet that a threesome just is a kiss and a caress away.It's 10 minutes before 9 am. Time for Martin to get up for work. But Jane has a different idea. Maybe he could be just a little late today. Of course, with the tight little outfit Jane is wearing, he doesn't really have a choice, does he? Plus, she's all over him. Soon, he succumbs to her advances, and the two are going at it good and hard. Jane is a super horny, frisky young thing, and she knows what she wants. Before long, she's got a mouthful, and then a pussyful, and beyond. This is real, genuine, passionate lovemaking, morning-style. The Breakfast of Champions!Lukki Lima: "Teneri" by Karl SirmiGarden of Eden featuring Blake Eden by Als PhotographerALS Rocket featuring Alana & Nella by Als PhotographerMelody - Curvacious Susann is a real temptation. Natural big breasts and curly brown hair will drive you crazy. Check her lucious naked body.
	I'm a fresh young spirit from Tokyo, Japan. I am a Navy BRAT with a Dominican and Japanese background. I love Japanese food the most and didn't come to the U.S. until I turned 16. In High School I participated in soccer, swimming, and Speech and Debate. I graduated with National Honors finishing off with a GPA of 3.5. Outside of school I played a lot of video games. My first console was the Gamecube. On the Gamecube I played Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion, a variety of X-Men, Lord of the Rings, Star Fox Adventures, Super Smash Bro. Melee, and Mario Kart. There were definetely more, but those are what I can recall at the moment. After the Gamecube I played a bit of Gameboy and Nintendo DS and then finally into the XBOX 360. The 360 was definetely the highlight of my gaming days, I am actually very disappointed in the XBOX ONE. On the 360 my gamertag was SeaPrincess16 and I would play LIVE for hours, even pull all-nighters despite having a test the next day at school. Some of my most favorite from 360 are Gears of War 1-3, Left 4 Dead 1-2, Ultimate Alliance, Fable 1-3, Saints Row 2, Skyrim, all of COD, Dead Island, Kameo, and there too many to list haha. After High School I haven't devoted as much time into gaming as I used to. I've been too busy with work and trying to figure out where to take my life from here. I would really love to travel. Although I lived in Japan, I have never ventured to Europe or Australia which would be the next two places I would like to experience. Despite being behind on video games I try to stay up-to-date with Star Wars, all the Marvel movies-though they disappoint me from time to time, Harry Potter, and of course Game of Thrones. I would have mentioned Lord of the Rings, but I think they are pretty much done with their story. I've read the first book of Lord of the Rings so perhaps I can try to finish reading the series even though I watched all the movies. Aside from being a regular Nerd I am a huge Anime freak! I love cosplay and letting myself be taken into an anime world. I do watch most of my Anime in Japanese so I apologize if some of the names I list are foreign to you. A few of my most favorite anime series are Nana, Shakugan no Shana, Utawareru Mono, Hell Girl, Cannon, Koichiwa Maid Sama, Inuyasha, Moribito, and Sailor Moon. I also grew up watching kids anime like Doraimon and An Pan Man.Смотреть Капри Андерсон пожать ее сиськи и задницу, а затем сохранить вечеринка, как она пальцем трахает ее нетерпеливый бритая кискаIvy, who already had started her carreer in porn a few weeks earlier, had become popular with some fans who saw her innate ability to gape and stretch her vagina to some serious extremes. So by popular demand, I set up a shoot with her. I had seen some candids of her , knowing that she had a good slender form and no tattoos, and that she could be cute enough for the site. When she arrived, I picked out the liveliest outfit she had (she loves black) and went off to start in a lakeside resort. Off camera, she was very excited about trying all sorts of extreme stuff, and had researched the site to see what kind of things she would like to do. At the resort, we do some upskirt and public gaping, then head over to a structured area near a busy street, where she surprises us with a 'hidden' cell phone deep in her vagina. She pushes it out with her vaginal muscles, and then talks on it, then hides it back in her again. Nearby, still close to the street and a busy restaurant across from there, the line of sight was sort of risky, but I liked the lighting/location. And she seemed to get a rush from doing all this in public. She takes her cell phone out of her vagina, then starts finger rubbing hard and fast, and ends up with a strong orgasm. Notice the contractions are visible 'within' as she's naturally gaping while she masturbates. Then she goes for the fist... and at first I thought she had full fisted herself before, but found out that she thought fisting was just five fingers, not getting past the wrist. So she tries hard, and eventually full fists herself, and is excited to do so. She seems to enjoy the pressure and that feeling of 'touching her cervix'. Back home, she gets to meet Stacey, who has fisted another girl once before on FTV, (look up Hope), and is excited to do it again. It turns into a deep fisting scene, with hard, deep going past the wrist to forearm-deep action. Many positions too, starting with missionary, leading to doggy and then a hard ride/grind against Stacey's hand. The Vibraking is back -- it was 'taken' by a model about 5 months ago, and I finally got a new one (thanks to a member who found me one on Ebay). Anyway, the challenge now was for her to orgasm while being fisted, and using the vibrator. And she does have a strong orgasm, and you can even see contractions while she's being stretched out by the fist. Then the ultimate challenge -- which I was hoping would work and it did (not without some major preparation) she gets double-fisted, and its incredible to watch! After that, gaping is easy, and she gapes even wider than before. I try to get some cervix views but the line of sight isn't right. Some might say I should get a speculum light etc... but I'd rather keep it more natural if I can. But I'm not sure if some of you would like the cervix views anyway, if you look at the cervix shot photos, you'll see the IUD and the inflammation it causes. Giving her a break from the extreme vaginal play, I shoot her on a pee scene, but she gets that pee fright going. It ended up being just a good shot to get extreme closeups and gaping shots again, until she has a mini-pee at the end. My original plan was for her to pee up and back into herself while gaping. It becomes water sports anyway, when she gets water poured into her vagina, and has a little 'pool' form as she gapes. Then the bottle gets used too...Изабелла D: "Liopta" ФабрицииFrisky Business featuring Adria Rae by Als PhotographerЗельда Б: "Diteca" по ArkisiЭнни Круз делает сама роговой танцевать на шесте, когда она находит Дэнни Уайлд играть.Бейли Два Приключения Dirty DreamsGina Gerson and Mindy are ready to double team Jason X. with a passion that you'll have to see to believe. After exchanging some loving kisses while Jason watches them above him, they slide their bras off and then go to work caressing Jason's chest as they work their way lower. Once they have pulled his briefs down with their teeth, their shared toy is revealed and ready to be played with.A double blowjob where the girls work together to lick Jason's balls and suck him off is the first part of their lovemaking. 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Hey guys im Colette! Im a 31 year old real milf actually! So today was definitely fun haha It was my very first time shooting porn! I had some photos taken for my agent the day before and that kind of made me more nervous than anything because I don't know how my posing looks. I'm actually really glad that this was my 1st shoot because it was relaxed and I felt comfortable and there wasn't a huge crew or lights. I think I could have done better but geez I got tired! My legs in those positions were so tired haha. My guy Dylan today was a huge help being so nice to me. You can imagine that it could be a little intimidating having sex in front of someone for the first time, especially with a camera. Anyways, Elena helped out today so much. It was just nice having a girl to talk to and she has shot a little bit so she helped me with stuff, plus she is super cute :) Anyways, I love it. I was definitely shy and nervous, now that I think about it, but I really hope you guys like it!I like doing my makeup and I like doing other peoples makeup also. I like getting my nails done at the salon, getting facials, and getting massages. I recently just started picking up djing and I love it. Its something to do for fun on the side. I have a lot of friends that dj. I like cars, but I cant do american made cars. A nice car reminds me of a sexy women. I love women also. My first sexual experience with a girl is when I was eleven years old and I had a sleepover with my girlfriend Kacey. We decided to scissor eachother under her bunkbed and then she went to sleep while I cleaned her room for her, I am not sure why I did but I did. My latest girl sexual experience was when I met this girl at an event called "fetish night," and she asked me to come back to her place, so I did. Next thing I knew she pulled out this huge treasure chest full of toys and bondage gear. She tied me up, and gagged me with a gag ball. It was super hot, and it turned me on being dominated by a girl. I decided I wanted to be a submissive brat so I talked backed to her and I was punished by being whipped. I like being a dominator to both men and women. I also like to be submissive- it just depends on the type of mood I am in. I'm shooting ftvgirls because I think of it as me being a sexual introvert looking to have a fun time. I am a very sexual individual, so this is my sexual outlet. I like watching movies and T.V. My favorite T.V. shows are CSI, Ben 10, Tom and Jerry, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Spongebob, Adventure time, Jackass, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Hannah Montana. (Yes I still watch that).I guess I'm also supposed to write a bit about why I'm doing this shoot. I've been friends with Mackenzie for years. We were in the same high school when I transferred there for my last two years and we stayed in touch when we found out we'd be living close together. We aren't sexually active together but we've kissed before and I've touched her boobs once. She's more the lesbian type when I like guys only but I wanted to try her out especially since she was all into it which made me feel comfortable. It took me a while to figure out if I wanted to shoot this porn but wasn't sure until I saw her update come on the website and I thought it would be neat if I did one with her too. I hear she is very popular on the website and so I wonder if mine will be the same. I hope you like what you see.Holly Michaels Anal CreampieСексуальная втроем между горячих блондинок на планетеTapered Glass featuring Dori by Als PhotographerДействительно сексуальная блондинка подросток подруга дома получает бритая киска хардкор костей и принимает хороший нагрузку на животеEroberlin Anita Pearl hungarian teen at Duna RiverSkye WestMy name is Whitney. I'm a small town college girl with a huge heart for saving animals and traveling. I went to a private Christian school my entire life, which was a blessing and a curse. In a way, I'm grateful for my attendance there because I think a lot of my personality was developed and molded there. I'm a really caring, spiritual person with an open and trusting personality and probably one of the biggest sweethearts you will ever meet. The only downside to it was that I felt quite sheltered growing up and it was one of the biggest determining factors in my breaking the mold of what other parental and authoritarian figures in my life had planned for me. I definitely rebelled, but didn't turn to drugs, smoking, or alcohol like so many of my friends and other people in my life had. It's all about balance. I would also describe my personality as very sensual, playful, and random. On a lighter note, my favorite things to do are swimming, exercising, biking, playing sports, cooking, spending time with friends, reading articles about any science or history topic, dancing, exploring, and of course, traveling. In this year I've been to Mexico, New York, Vegas, Belize, Miami, Los Angeles, Ireland, England, Germany, Greece, and Italy. I travel by myself to all of these places and I love it.Hi there I'm Violet I am really excited to be a part of Ftv girls this experience has opened my mind and allowed me to explore my sexuality in ways that I never imagined. I am currently a full time student majoring in psychology with a minor in philosophy. I have a few options for career goals but as for now I am focusing on completing an internship in the practice of psychology. Training to be an aerialist has become a huge part of my life, I am learning with aerial silks and lyra. One of my short term goals is to perform at events and circus shows. In my free time I enjoy scuba diving. I have been diving for two years, eventually I would like to explore caves. Horseback riding is also a big interest of mine. I have spent endless amounts of rewarding hours working at a stable while I took care of the horses and taught others how to ride. Since I was younger I was always drawn to idea of working with animals especially marine mammals. When I was younger I would constantly go on marine excursions at every chance I received. I really enjoy traveling to different locations to explore various cultures. Norway and Germany are the top two places that I would love to travel to. I am very adventurous and I am almost always up for new experiences. I really love meeting new people and surrounding myself with good energy. One of my favorite things to do is hanging out with close friends and surround myself with positive people who I can learn from. 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Lioren featuring Lena Anderson by Charles LightfootBig Boobs Audrey Bitoni Loves A Hard Cock FuckingChristen is bisexual and likes it big, really big. We asked her how big she wants to go and if she can handle a huge, inflatebale dildo. Christen loved the idea and when we shoed her what we had in mind, she said YES immediately! Alice loves girls too and she was very interested in Christen. They are both so hot and actually our camera girls (who are bisexual too) wanted to play with both of them as well, but someone had to capture this scene so we could share it with you! Come in and enjoy the same way we enjoyed when those super hot girls played with each other and their HUGE friend ;-)Enjoy!!Amy's story on how she ended up shooting for FTV is rather interesting and all seemed fine, as she did have the look for the site. Being confirmed as 19 years old, we got things set up so she could come visit from Florida. That is, until she goes to a hairstylist to get her hair done 'better' (though I was quite happy with her hair before) and somehow the stylist screws up, and she ends up cutting her hair super short. So we waited several months until her hair had grown some, at the state you see now... and here she is. She's never done any adult before, and this shoot was a definite warm-up and confidence builder for her. As you see from the start, she is a bit awkward on video, and I had to coach her to talk on camera, with her teasers being somewhat timid, but as she gains confidence, even on the first video you see how she goes from model to a very kinky girl. That black dress and wedges really suits her, and gives her the fashion model look -- and made sense to use on that fancy location, so people really think we're just doing fashion. No matter, we end up getting spotted by angry old ladies, and some guys who were cool with it. When it got down to her fingering herself, it was her initiative when she started stuffing fingers in her ass in doggy. I didn't even bring up any anal penetration. To get four, without lube, just like that... it was crazy... and I realized I may have a potentially extreme girl on my hands (little did I know she would become one of the most extreme girls I've ever shot on FTV). Looking back, the two glass toys double penetrating her full depth seems easy compared to what she does later, even though for most girls that would have been beyond their ability. Some very erotic angles of the penetration, and its just hot to watch this beautiful, leggy girl get so kinky. She also never had done any masturbating with a vibrator, and she was very excited about it -- so I give her the introductory vibrator (Eroscillator). She ends up with two orgasms, and some visible vaginal contractions, but she is a rather quiet girl (since she used to masturbate a lot when she was younger with her parents in the next room). Two angles of the masturbation available for viewing. I was having a hell of a time with lighting though, as the sun would come and go, with patches of cloud randomly making it light/yellow/dark/blue for video. So we move to extreme closeups again, showing off her clit, but she goes right to stretching her vagina open with several fingers, leading to some really massive gaping shots with three fingers in on each side. So we do something fun she wanted to try -- pouring water in her and squirting it out. As she gapes, I fill her up with about 8oz of water, then she squirts it out. She also does the little vaginal 'swimming pool' for her fingers. It only made sense for her to try fisting next, since she is such a gaper. At first, it seemed like it would be difficult, but then it slides in, and not only does she fist, she goes super deep and very hard, from every position possible! It turns into a rather intense fisting session, and her exploring every part of her vagina with her hand. The craziest part was how deep she went, and how she could push her belly up with her hand in there!? She then gapes even wider after being stretched out, even attempting an eight finger gape. No matter what, her vagina snaps right back to being tight and pretty. The day ends with her wearing her yoga outfit, then taking her top and pushing it into her vagina, then doing a slow 'skinny white girl dance' to music. Consider this day one of the shoot a 'warm-up', as it gets even more extreme, with ever-increasing confidence and comfort with the camera.What better thing for Jason to come home to than his lovely girlfriend Megan Rain masturbating on the sofa? Megan was so impatient for him to get home and take her to bed that she got started without him, hiking up her skirt and slipping three fingers inside her pussy. The moment she saw Jason, she tore off his pants and got to work making his dick disappear down her throat in an eager sloppy blowjob. Once she'd sucked him off, Megan pulled off her panties and straddled his erection, bouncing up and down on his rock hard cock. Before long, Megan wanted to feel it from behind, the way that hits all her sweet spots, so she bent over the back of the sofa to get fucked nice and deep until she came screaming!Inversion featuring Ivy Aura by Als PhotographerSexy Maya Rae spreads her legs ang opens her pink clitHi y'all! So my name is Gianna and I'm originaly from Florida but I'm a bit of a rolling stone and never tend to stay anywhere to long. I've always enjoyed traveling and going on adventures since the time I was a little girl. My roots are mostly Eastern European with decendants from Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. I am currently in college studying Architecture and I absolutely love what I do! The things I am most passionate about tend to be those that involve nature or design. I plan on combining my passions in the future to create eco-friendly architecture. I think practicing sustainability is incredibly important, especially in this day and age. We all have to do our part to ensure that our planet is around for the generations to come. That being said, incase you couldn't tell I've always been a bit of a hippy at heart. My mom is an astrologer, reiki master and crystal collector so I picked up a lot of her tendencies through out the years. My dad was a hippy back in the day too but I mainly just got his music taste. He showed me some of my favorite bands like Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin. In my teen years I attended many music festivals and this is where I had my first experience with public nudity. My friends and I walked into a drum circle and everyone there was topless or in some state of nudity so we figured when in Rome do as the Romans. So we took our shirts off and it was so liberating we would walk around most of the festival like that wherever it was allowed. Now I like the feeling of public nudity, it gives me an exhilirating feeling.Elena Koshka loves to rub herselfTuolma featuring Alecto by Alex LynnBack when I first shot Kristen as a first timer, I liked her attitude, easy to work with in public nudity, and her surprise extreme nature. She became a possible candidate for shooting in Hawaii, and it ended up happening back in February. My girlfriend, Nina, joined up, and became the 'assistant' on the shoot, along with her joining in on the fun once in a while. We started on the Waikiki strip, with both girls wearing cute dresses & wedges. Its a busy morning, and these girls start making out with a lot of PDA in public, then some upskirt views of Kristen and her cute white panties. We visit a very fancy resort, and quite secretly we try to shoot there without getting caught, as Kristen takes her panties off and starts spreading. Curious security, a wedding shoot etc... all right behind those windows made it all about proper timing and looking like tourists just relaxing... not shooting porn. Then we head over to a park, where there are ducks etc... and its all about Kristen and upskirt views of her long labia sticking out. Nina tugs on her pierced nipple, then makes out with her -- and they head over to some benches at the park where it gets very explicit. Starts with finger banging, then masturbating -- and long labia stretching and butt cheek spreads afterwards. What you don't see or hear is the homeless woman off camera behind me, who started raging about what we were doing, calling us 'pedophiles' etc... and the police officers that were stopping drivers nearby giving them tickets for going 8 over. And somehow I could not escape construction noises or leafblower noises no matter where I went heh. Also, between clips 3 and 4, it wasn't a smooth transition that it may seem in the videos, but a 5 hour break in between. Kristen got violently sick with food poisoning, and was completely out of it. I had her sleep, take gatorade, etc... while me and Nina went out hiking and other things (Like the Diamond head hiking photos of Nina you see on the last photo set). For a while, I wondered if the entire shoot would be scrapped, but around 4pm Kristen felt good enough to continue. Of course, it meant that the two part adventure shoot turned into only one part, but at least she recovered and was good for the rest of the day and the one following. She masturbates, according to her to orgasm, but it wasn't clear to me -- again, maybe because she was sick all day. Her masturbation next day with the oranges had much clearer orgasms. We gets more closeups of labia stretching, then Nina's fingers move to four, then five... and ends up fisting Kristen on the kitchen counter. I wanted to shoot this in the balcony as well, so they continue there, with some very kinky angles of the fisting views. Nina had never deep fisted a girl before, and it was an interesting experience for her. She is bisexual, and curious about other girls' vaginas, and this was a fun new way to play with a girl.Breanne Бенсон удивительные природные сиськиВ этой сцене мы идем глубоко внутри ANISSAAlexa просыпается утром со сладким воспоминаниям ее сексуальный и удовлетворения ночь с Джоэлом. Это было так хорошо, что она намокнет просто думая об этом. Она помнит каждую деталь ..., когда он получил там, что они пили, как она дразнила его ношение только ее передник, как она подготовила пищу они должны были съесть. Как он играл с ее сладким, влажную киску, прежде чем трахать ее жесткий на кухне. Как она любила волнение принимаются им так сильно, то езда его на кухонном полу, и как она ... ну, не будем портить его для вас. Давайте просто скажем, что была ночь, чтобы помнить, и она помнит его нежно ... по fondllng себя. :) Давай, и посмотреть на себя, насколько запоминающимся ночь это было. Наслаждайтесь!Ясмин Золото любит давать время для себя, чтобы получить голый и мастурбировать.Lost and Found featuring Lola & Shrima Malati by Als PhotographerThe lights are dimmed and the mood is set.  With remote in hand, Paula arches her back in ecstasy.  She moans with every flicker of the television, before her boyfriend pops up from beneath the sheets, revealing he is the instigator of her desires.  After she has enjoyed herself, it's his turn and she gladly returns the favour.  A nice slow blowjob leads to passionate love-making on the sheets.  He is only on top for a brief moment before she decides to take control, trying different cowgirl positions.  With a final spoon and her gorgeous young ass pressing against his body, he finishes inside her.  She looks lovingly at him as his creampie drips from her satisfied pussy.Presenting Gloria Sol featuring Gloria Sol by Alex LynnИ Лейла Смит и Кари Сладости великолепны ... бесстыдно великолепна и эти непослушные лисицы хорошо осведомлены о нем. Они используют эту самую красоту в качестве оружия, дразня свою аудиторию с их курения горячих тел во время поцелуя, складывающиеся, облизывая друг друга гипнотизировать всех нас. Но кого это волнует? Мы рады стать жертвой таких красивых хищников, не так ли?Chilled Treat featuring Kate Sin & Lola by Als PhotographerНа Cue с участием Сьюзи Карина и Виктория сладкую Als ФотографBivarti featuring Melody Wylde by Charles LightfootPiper Perri Hope Harper and Aidra Rae seduce their man for a ballerina orgy with soft sweet pussies everywhereToizu featuring Candice Luka by Luca HeliosAlexis Crystal and Belle Claire get naked to turn a photo shoot into a raunchy fuck fest threesomeМарина Висконти распространяется на диванеKezara featuring Violet by MatissRenexi featuring Isabella D by VladimiroffMoica featuring Violet by MatissResei featuring Sade Mare by RylskyChubby girlfriend shows off her big natural tits as she takes selfies in the mirrorDesayu featuring Yarina A by Luca HeliosТонкий молодая роговой брюнетка красотка Monalee dildoing в ваннойProbing featuring Ally Tate & Freya Von Doom by Als PhotographerWhen I got her application through the FTVmodeling portal, I thought for sure it was a fake application. She seemed to gorgeous, and when I looked her up to see her modeling page, it was all fashion and high end glamour... hell she even drives a McLaren 650s! But she did reply, and I did confirm that she's for real. Here's some of the application photos she sent: ,. What a beautiful face... when she did arrive that first evening, she looked just as beautiful, even without makeup. I put her to bed, and got her ready first thing in the morning to shoot. She ended up wearing the same outfit she came to the airport with -- the jeans, and the crop top with the cute wedges. We went right to a very public place, a tourist area and restaurant row, and started some 'fashion type' shooting, then she reveals those really nice full C cup breasts, and doesn't seem to mind that there's people around. Sure, she's a bit timid, but surprising that she isn't more resistant. We then go to a restaurant that is still closed (well not exactly... we didn't realize there's some employees inside through the tinted glass until afterwards) -- and she strips down and rubs herself. Once we get discovered, me move to another part of the resort area, and she continues to finger herself and flash. After that, we headed for breakfast. She was getting horny, and wanted to masturbate; so as soon as we went home, she started using her fingers to rub herself -- which is the normal way she'd masturbate, but with her having me close by and being recorded, I think it was too distracting for her. So I brought over the Eroscillator Vibrator -- and that brought her to orgasm rather quickly, with strong visible vaginal contractions. As she does her extreme closeups afterwards, I get some details on her clit while she talks about her discovering masturbation and sex when she was younger. It leads to some gaping, then her attempting to fist, but I knew she wouldn't be able to, more like four fingers. She's never had a large guy, nor has she ever had more than two fingers in her. But she's definitely had a lot of sex according to her stories off camera. She does say that she doesn't really get kinky that much, and just enjoys plain sex with some anal play once in a while if she's in the mood. As the first day started coming to an end, the sun was setting with some really nice golden colors for some beautiful photography. I found a spot at a park that was relatively unoccupied, and let her pose around and give us upskirt teases in that skimpy dress of hers. We got some gorgeous sunset photos, and it all leads to a kinky banana scene. She's the kind of girl that seems to be wet all the time, and she does get rather juicy in the process. This was her warmup for the next day, where we go all out in public nudity, and she does get rather kinky. More to come on part 2.So Melody comes back for her part2, and she's blows me away with every thing she does. As innocent and cute as she looks, she's got such a kinky side to her, and willing to try everything. We had set up her second shoot a week later, but then it rained on us, so we set it up another week; and it rained again -- so I finally said what the heck, we might as well do it anyway. It was a cold day after some rains, so she was wearing more than a dress, but it still looks so cute on her. We went to a park, and once again, she isn't very shy about exposing herself out in public. Upskirt teases and butt teases (I do so much love her butt) and then when she starts rubbing, that squirt comes out... She took a week off from masturbating & squirting, so she was 'loaded' with a sensitive clit and lots of squirting potential haha. Just look at 4:40 on clip1 -- she touches herself for just a second on the swing, and squirts while she's swinging! Never seen that before. She ends up on a bench to masturbate and squirt away, though she got spotted by someone who wasn't happy about it (a female dog walker). So we went back home where she does a lot more masturbating, and squirting, I intentionally wanted her on her back with her hips up so that she might squirt into her face, which she does (around 3:20, clip2). Then she continues on a glass table, and its hot to watch from underneath. That sexy butt gets so glistening wet. Then she licks some of her juices off the table... Now that she's naked, might as well do another dance, this time with two angles, because she's such a fun and sexy dancer, right? She bounces about and moves that cute butt of hers, then rubs & squirts while dancing -- then finger bangs herself with some major flow pouring out of her vagina. She also has really cute lingerie, so we continue on with her showing some off at the bedroom, and teasing the camera. But its all about how she's practiced fisting back at her place, because she really wanted to do it on camera. She even recorded herself (I added it as clip 6 on the second page) so she's had some practice now. Its hot to watch her push that whole hand in with effort. Using the vibrator helps get her ready for it, and it 'lubes' her up naturally. Then she gapes and does that super 'vagina push' she's so good at. Since now she's an extreme girl, I was confident she could take the FTV Monster Toy. Didn't think she could get very deep with it, but boy was I surprised. I did give her a 'helping hand' and pushing it in deeper, and by the time she was on top, she goes going unnaturally deep. At one point she's got 3/4 of the entire thing inside her. Where does it go? Задорный блондинка студентка кончает на пальцахMorning GloryNeighborly LoveCock craving Vinna Reed is dressed to impress in a sheer teddy, thigh high stockings, and high heels. The second Ricky Rascal lays eyes on his hot girlfriend, eh knows that he's in for a real treat. Vinna makes good on that unspoken promise by wrapping her puffy lips around Ricky's stiffie and then taking his cock between her stockinged feet to heighten his passion.Turning onto her belly, Vinna lifts her rump in the air for Ricky to mold and squeeze with his big hands. He unsnaps the bottom of Vinna's lingerie, and then doesn't wait another moment before diving in to lap away at the sweet evidence of her arousal. Slipping first one finger and then two into Vinna's greedy snatch, he stretches her for his upcoming penetration while heightening her pleasure with his tender touches.When Ricky rises onto his knees and drives into Vinna from behind, the room is suddenly filled with her moans of excitement. She can't help but rock into every one of his long strokes as he takes her doggy style, and the faster he pounds away at her pussy the more vocally Vinna enjoys herself. It's not long before her whole body is quivering with lust.After peeling off Vinna's teddy, Ricky lays her down on her side so that he can switch things up by spooning her landing strip fuck hole for a different take on penetration. This new position is particularly delightful for Vinna as Ricky hits her in all the right spots. His hands snake around to caress her small tits and flick her diamond hard nipples, adding another layer of sensuality to their coupling.  Slowing things down a bit, Vinna urges Ricky down onto his back and then climbs on top of him. She takes her time now that she has his dick right where she wants it, using her hands and mouth with slow strokes. Her patience pays dividends as Ricky is soon raring to go again. Vinna makes him wait, though, climbing on top of him so that she can ride his hardon with her slit instead of giving him the hardcore sex that he craves.Finally relenting, Vinna climbs onto Ricky's member and takes her time settling down the full length of his shaft. When he is finally buried balls deep in her juicy puss, she keeps the slow seduction going. Her swaying hips are like magic to Ricky's level of lust, even as he lets her climb off of him and give herself a big O with the help of his hand.Finally back in charge, Ricky tosses Vinna back onto the bed and then rises up over her. His big dick is everything that Vinna needs as he drives in and out of her until Vinna has once again exploded in passion. Only then does Ricky start working towards his own finish line. Realizing that he can no longer hold back, he pulls out just in time to shower Vinna's mound with hot sticky jizz.Vacation Fuck FestSoccer Mom Gaper
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